Bytown Plus Moving and Storage

Bytown Plus Moving and Storage

BYTOWN MOVING PLUS provides complete residential and commercial moving, warehousing, and storage services through its commitment to quality workmanship, and to achieve complete client satisfaction.

BYTOWN MOVING PLUS was founded by Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim over a decade ago.

Mr. Ibrahim has since built a loyal clientele through a “word–of–mouth” referral process that is based on a strong commitment to service excellence.  BYTOWN MOVING PLUS is also dedicated to promoting Canadian values through their corporate social responsibility initiative to supporting the cause of the Allied Merchant Navy and  the American Merchant Marine.

The following statement was made by Mr. Ibrahim:

“Educating Canadians about vital roles our veterans played in safeguarding our freedoms and Canada’s institutions is paramount to uniting our great nation coast–to–coast.  I strongly believe that performing activities that are advantageous to the community and providing profit through goodwill exemplifies our core values.”

Mr. Stéphane Ouellette, President and CEO, MNCTP, provided the following response:

“BYTOWN MOVING PLUS has been extraordinarily generous with their congenial approaches and sensitivities to the needs of the MNCTP, and I commend BYTOWN MOVING PLUS for their commitment in that regard.”

BYTOWN MOVING PLUS offers top-notch experience and expertise in the management and accommodation of household and office goods/furniture, artwork, antiques, specialized equipment, other supplies or products, and packaging services.

BYTOWN MOVING PLUS consists of a motivated group of industry professionals that are dedicated to providing solutions that meet with client’s highest expectations, and leaves them with a memorable experience.

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