Keith Lamont and Associates

Keith Lamont and Associates

Keith Lamont and Associates is a Web and Marketing firm providing service excellence and honoring client commitments through successful relationship building.

Keith Lamont and Associates (KLA) is a proud Legacy Sponsor of the Merchant Navy Commemorative Theme Project (MNCTP), and also sits on the Executive Advisory Committee (EAC), as a Senior Technical Advisor to Mr. Stéphane Ouellette, President and CEO of the MNCTP. Mr. Keith Lamont, President, KLA, believes in fostering strategic partnership building opportunities by focusing on the potential values to be drawn by these alliances. 

As such, through his partner company, Vibrant Design, Mr. Lamont provides critical Web development and hosting support services to the MNCTP.  It is through his tireless efforts that we are able to maintain a Web presence.

Mr. Lamont recognizes the importance of promoting the sacrifices and contributions of the Canadian and Allied Merchant Navies.  Mr. Lamont made the following statement:

“I strongly believe that it is through generating a greater awareness of the stories of our Merchant Navy Veterans that we will be able to safeguard and preserve their legacy.  Providing Web support for the MNCTP is my way of saying thank you to our Veterans”

Mr. Ouellette responded:

“The support that Keith Lamont and Associates is providing to our Allied Merchant Navy initiative is critical to the success of our Global Strategic Public Relations Campaign. Mr. Lamont’s long-term dedication and tireless efforts to the cause of the Canadian and Allied Merchant Navies is highly commendable, and I extend to him my sincere gratitude.”

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